Tips for Finding Coupon Codes for E-Cigs

If you are looking to buy some electronic cigarettes online, then you have probably wondered if you could get some coupon codes for your favorite e-cig websites so that you can save a few pounds on your purchase for companies like Green Smoke.

There are a lot of places that you can go to buy e-cigs, and the prices offered online are usually a lot cheaper than the prices in bricks and mortar stores, even without coupons, but a coupon could make the savings even more substantial.

The easiest way to find coupon codes is to simply search for the brand of cigarette, or the name of the store, and “coupon codes”. You will likely find a lot of websites offering coupons if you do that. However, not all of those websites will be ones that you want to use.

Avoiding the Scams

While there are a lot of high-quality websites for people who want to get discounts on their electronic cigarettes and their juices, there are a lot of scam websites too. The scam websites vary from ones that are infected with malware which does “drive by downloads”, infecting your PC without you realizing, to ones that require you to hand over personal information or complete offers in order to get your coupons. When you complete the tasks they have given you, sometimes you really do get a voucher, but often the offer ‘fails to track’ and you are left with nothing – or, alternatively, the codes that you are given are invalid.

Rather than taking a chance with such coupon code websites, it makes far more sense to be selective about the sites that you use, and to sign up only for websites that you know are completely trustworthy or use websites where the codes are published freely so you know exactly what you are getting.

There are a lot of offer sites out there, some of which are user-maintained, which give you information about ‘hot deals’ and coupons. Another good option is to look for codes on websites that are run by the manufacturer. For example, HAUS, Green Smoke,¬†and Mistic offer codes on their websites, and many other e-cig makers do the same thing, giving users coupon codes via email once they have made a purchase or two with that brand.

Another thing to consider is referral programs and loyalty schemes. If you find a brand that you like, then this can be a good way to save a lot of money. Not all companies offer such schemes, but many do, and the potential savings can be massive. Remember that the programs aren’t always advertised on the website of the e-cig company, sometimes you have to get in touch with them separately to find out about them. It only takes a minute or two to ask, and you may well be sent details of a scheme that is not well-known, so why not give it a go and see whether there’s something you can join?

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