Halo Cigs Coupons

One of the e cigarette brands that we failed to mention on our homepage is Halo Cigs. Halo E Cigs are known for their VERY strong products. Some people like to compare them to the younger brother of some of the powerhouses like Green Smoke, Vaporfi and V2 Cigs. We think that they still have a little ways to go until they can match the quality to price ratio of these companies that have been controlling the e cig market for many years now, but with the quality of their products and the people behind the company…it can be done.

If you are going to try Halo, just make sure that you use every resource possible to save money, because their brand can be a little expensive if you buy it outright without a deal. We recommend you use the promo code that we give for Halo Cigs to save up to 15% off your entire order.

Hopefully this was useful to you and as we get more information on this company we will possibly add them to the main section our Micro Ticker!