The Top E-Commerce Platforms Ideal For Startup Businesses

The trend of people choosing to buy products and services online is already with us and the future only looks brighter. Therefore, the ability to sell online is now a paramount necessity for any retail business. It is even a little bit more complicated as the majority of people who buy online either search the product or complete the entire transaction using their smartphone. Consequently, the goal of every business should not only be to offer an online platform but a better experience to its clients and customers. Luckily, all you need to start giving your customers a better shopping experience is choosing one of the best e-commerce platforms. The top 5 e-commerce platforms that you should consider include:


Shopify tops the list of the 5 top e-commerce platforms for its ease of use while meeting the growing needs of online stores. The platform has over 100 store templates and over 1500 plugins and extensions that let you easily get your store online and extend the functionality of your store. Shopify also lets you connect your online store with your social media platforms and even sell directly on the Facebook. The platform is also preferred for its exceptional customer care service and helpful tutorials that allow people without any technical knowhow run their online store successfully. Unfortunately, Shopify uses its own programming language that makes it a bit complicated to customize your store.


Second on the list of the top 5 e-commerce platforms is the Woocommerce platform for its WordPress suitability. If you are considering running a WordPress powered store, you should choose Woocommerce. The platform is easy to integrate with the wide range of WordPress plugins and extensions. It is also easy for developers to tweak and optimize for a better shopping experience. It also allows businesses set up their store from their already existing website. Another reason why Woocommerce is popular is the fact that it is free to download and install and does not attract monthly fees. Nevertheless, if you are looking for more than the standard capability, you may have to paid extensions and plugins that offer advanced capabilities.


BigCommerce is on this list for its ability to offer an exceptional experience to both big brands and startups. It is the best option for people who are looking for the e-commerce that does not require technical knowledge but offers advanced capabilities of the most technical platforms. The BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees and offers extensive built-in features that include coupons, analytics, tax, and shipping among others that can greatly help to improve the shopping experience. The platform also lets you easily integrate your store with other sites such as Facebook, Google shopping, and eBay among others. The downside of the BigCommerce platform is the few free themes available but you can choose from an extensive range of paid themes.

Big Cartelbigcartel-thumbs

The Big Cartel e-commerce platform specifically targets small-scale home-based businesses and artists. It is extremely easy to set up and customize as it uses what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) code editor to manipulate theme, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML among others. The platform is the easiest to set up a store and manage it. It also offers access to Facebook shop and a comprehensive help center with detailed video tutorials and guides. The downside of the Big Cartel is its simplicity that offers limited functionality.

Magentomagento large

Magento is ideal for businesses with a large volume of products. It’s the platform that is mostly used by major online stores for its scalability and reliability. Magento is an open source platform that is easy to use and manage. It is also open to all kinds of customization and comes with over 9000 plugins and extensions to help you scale up your business. The downside of Magento platform is that you may have to hire competent developers for customization due to the open-source nature of the platform.


The best e-commerce platform for your business is the one that lets you capitalize on the social media and other app extensions to reach new customers while offering an exceptional shopping experience to your existing customers. The best platform should also align with your business growth needs and goals such as the stock size, payment methods, marketing channels and customer service among other needs.

Why You Should Look For E Cigarette Coupon Codes

In today’s world, it is always nice to save money. One way to do that is to look for coupons or coupon codes. You should always look for E Cigarette Coupon Codes if you are looking to buy them. You can save a lot of money that way.

Coupon codes work on websites. You need to have a special code and by entering it when you order, they will take money off of your order. Sometimes it might be a percentage and other times it could be a dollar amount off. Sometimes you can even find free shipping codes on brands like Green Smoke.

couponcodes3Although it might not seem like it, E Cigarette Coupon Codes will help you save quite a bit of money over time. A dollar here or there will add up, especially when it is a product you want to keep buying. It is worth your time to look for codes when getting ready to order them online.

The best way to find codes is to do an internet search. You should have a bunch of sites come up that you can use to find the codes that you want. Keep in mind that some could be expired and might not work. You might need to try more than one before you find a code that will work.

If you find a website that is good about giving you updated codes, make sure you bookmark it. Then you can go back to it whenever you need more E-cigarettes. Some codes you might be able to use more than once which is nice.

If you want to, you can keep track of all the money you are saving by using the codes. Make a list and at the end of the year you can see how much money you saved. It should then motivate you to keep using them on all of your future orders.

If you are the sharing type, you can tell your friends about all of the coupon codes that you have found. You should only share the ones that are good for more than one person. Otherwise, you would have given away your discount. If you find a coupon you don’t think you are going to use, it would be a good idea to pass that along to someone who will use it.

If you have never used a coupon code, try not to worry too much about how it works. It is simple to figure it out. When you go to check out, there should be an area to enter the code. If you don’t see it anywhere, it would be best to look at the FAQ on the page or send an email and ask about it. This even goes for Halo Cigs, and you can visit the Halo Cigs coupons page.

When it comes to online ordering, in general, you should get into the habit of looking for codes, no matter what you are buying. In a lot of cases, you should be able to find some discount, even if it is for a small amount. It is worth it to you to look for these codes.

One of the brands we neglected to mention is Vista Vapors. This is a brand that is fairly new, but has really been making quite a storm in the e cig market. If you decide to go with them, make sure that you use Vista Vapors Coupons before you checkout and make a final purchase!

Tips On Green Smoke Coupons

Do you enjoy a nice vaporized smoke? If so, you owe it to yourself to find ways to save money on it in he process using special promo codes. There are plenty of discount opportunities available for people who know how to find them, which is why you need to take it upon yourself to look for green smoke coupons and other such opportunities. This will allow you to get your fill of vaporized smoke without having to worry about spending an arm and a leg. Follow the tips provided here so that you can make the most of your vaporized smoke purchases.

#1: Search Around For Green Smoke Coupons

The key to getting plenty of vaporized smoke opportunities is to make sure that you always buy online. We love the resource: Green Smoke coupon code – exclusive discounts for the best Green Smoke deals.

When buying online, you can purchase your vapor e-cigs in bulk and can also use green smoke coupons to help you get discounts. Typically, those coupons dictate that you type in a promo code at the end of the checkout process, once you have added everything to your cart and once you are ready to finish your purchase completely. With this in mind, there are plenty of coupons posted on a temporary basis that you can take advantage of.

#2: Jump All Over Specials

If you are a new customer or if you are shopping during a holiday or a time where a great special is going on, you stand to save a bunch of money on your e-cigarettes. There are often deals that allow you to say 10 percent and sometimes as much as 50 percent off on such purchases so that you are not breaking the bank just to get your favorite e-cigarettes. This will let you purchase strategically and make the most of all your e-cigarette purchases.

#3: Take Advantage Of Free Upgrades

While you can always purchase many different cartridges, you will find that there are typically great promos that you can also take advantage of to get new hardware. For instance, make sure that you find deals from companies that are offering deals on free battery packs or even complete starter kits that will allow you to get your fill of the e-cigarette process. Such deals are often put into place when new product lines are rolled out, so make sure that you take full advantage of it and masterfully shop for the best cigarette brands around.

As you look at these steps, you can see that there are plenty of opportunities available for people who are looking to save some money on their favorite e-cigarettes. Doing this allows you to not break the bank while you are searching for the highest quality e-cigarettes around. Take advantage of these valuable tips and you will always be in good hands with your purchases, while never truly paying full price for them. With this in mind, there are plenty of opportunities to shop with companies that can give you these discounts, so make sure that you are always looking around.

Tips for Finding Coupon Codes for E-Cigs

If you are looking to buy some electronic cigarettes online, then you have probably wondered if you could get some coupon codes for your favorite e-cig websites so that you can save a few pounds on your purchase for companies like Green Smoke.

There are a lot of places that you can go to buy e-cigs, and the prices offered online are usually a lot cheaper than the prices in bricks and mortar stores, even without coupons, but a coupon could make the savings even more substantial.

The easiest way to find coupon codes is to simply search for the brand of cigarette, or the name of the store, and “coupon codes”. You will likely find a lot of websites offering coupons if you do that. However, not all of those websites will be ones that you want to use.

Avoiding the Scams

While there are a lot of high-quality websites for people who want to get discounts on their electronic cigarettes and their juices, there are a lot of scam websites too. The scam websites vary from ones that are infected with malware which does “drive by downloads”, infecting your PC without you realizing, to ones that require you to hand over personal information or complete offers in order to get your coupons. When you complete the tasks they have given you, sometimes you really do get a voucher, but often the offer ‘fails to track’ and you are left with nothing – or, alternatively, the codes that you are given are invalid.

Rather than taking a chance with such coupon code websites, it makes far more sense to be selective about the sites that you use, and to sign up only for websites that you know are completely trustworthy or use websites where the codes are published freely so you know exactly what you are getting.

There are a lot of offer sites out there, some of which are user-maintained, which give you information about ‘hot deals’ and coupons. Another good option is to look for codes on websites that are run by the manufacturer. For example, HAUS, Green Smoke, and Mistic offer codes on their websites, and many other e-cig makers do the same thing, giving users coupon codes via email once they have made a purchase or two with that brand.

Another thing to consider is referral programs and loyalty schemes. If you find a brand that you like, then this can be a good way to save a lot of money. Not all companies offer such schemes, but many do, and the potential savings can be massive. Remember that the programs aren’t always advertised on the website of the e-cig company, sometimes you have to get in touch with them separately to find out about them. It only takes a minute or two to ask, and you may well be sent details of a scheme that is not well-known, so why not give it a go and see whether there’s something you can join?

Five Websites You Can Use For Finding Coupons For Products Online

TV shows as ‘Extreme Couponing’ have changed people’s perception about couponing. If you wish to be just like the stars of that show or simply want to become a good bargain shopper then you need to rely on several different sources for your coupons. Clipping coupons from different sources will give you more options such as a wide variety of deals and products.

The Internet is a rich source for procurement of coupons by bargain hunters. To hunt for coupons here you will need a computer, the Internet, and access to a printer. An informed coupon and bargain hunter should not only pay close attention to major websites but also the smaller websites run by bloggers for amazing curating deals.

The following are the top five picks for coupons online


This website gives users access to a big selection of coupons that you can search by grocery store and product name. Generally, the website limits the number of coupons to one per product unless stated otherwise.

Even though you do not have to sign up for a membership to use the website to get the featured coupons, having a membership will give you an advantage of getting access to high value premium coupons.

2. is probably the most talked about coupon website on TV. What sets it apart from the rest is the Virtual Coupon Organizer. This interactive online grocery coupon database lists grocery coupons that are featured in the Sunday newspaper and other sources by region.
The website updates its selection of free printable coupons daily featuring the best of deals from 7 national stores and 43 grocery chains. You can save much time by using the tool to sort by custom search, coupon issue date, or by expiration date.

3. is a very reliable website, which is a merger between local store sales and a huge variety of both online and offline deals to help shoppers make great savings. Coupon enthusiasts get a huge collection of coupons by entering their Zip codes to get deals specific to the user’s area including offers in the local paper. Users of the website also enjoy exclusive coupons, new coupon email alerts, and free samples. This even goes for products like VinAudit…but before you go with them make sure you look at Vin Audit reviews to determine if this is right for you.

4. is a coupon website that offers a wide variety of products from beauty to home and garden supplies, from dining to grocery. It offers a list of national manufacturer coupons organized by zip code. The website updates its coupon selection daily so you need to keep visiting daily. Valpak delivers electronic coupons directly to iPhone from which shoppers can redeem offers.


This website offers visitors free exclusive deals based on their zip codes. On this website, the online version of the Sunday paper insert is available. The website does not limit itself to just groceries but it also offers furnishings and home improvement offers, fashion tips, travel deals, gift ideas, pets, savings advice on housing, and many more.

In conclusion, this article has been an examination of the top five websites that you can use to get coupons online. Now that you know, you can start clipping and printing.

Saving Money By Using Online Promotion Codes

These days, more and more people are shopping online. There are so many products available for sale on the Internet that there is often no reason to leave your home and drive to the store. You can just sit in front of your PC or use your tablet to browse the selection and place an order.

One of the great advantages of online shopping is that you can have the items delivered right to your door, often for no extra charge. More retailers are offering free shipping when you place an order over a certain amount. Some even offer free shipping on every order! This is a great way to save money.

Another good way to save money is by using online promotion codes. These are discounts that you can apply to your order when you are checking out. There is usually a box where you type the code and then click to apply it to your total. In many cases, the savings from these codes can be significant.

couponsBut how do you find these coupons so that you can use them? Often, getting your hands on these money-saving opportunities is a lot easier than you might think. You just need to know where to look so that you can find the latest and most up-to-date codes for any retailer you can think of.

One of the easiest ways to get discounts and coupons from your favorite brands is by signing up for their e-mail newsletters. All you have to do is give them your e-mail address and agree to receive messages from them. Once you do, you will start getting regular e-mails that tell you about new products. These messages often contain special promo codes that can be applied to your next order.

Using these codes is as simple as copying and pasting them. In some cases, you can even just click on a link in the e-mail, and the code will automatically be applied to your next order! Since these codes are only available to people who subscribe to the list, doing so is often the only way to find out about them.

However, there are also sites that you can visit to search for discount opportunities from a wide range of retailers. These sites work hard to collect promos from across the Web and aggregate them in one place. You can then search the site for codes that can be applied to a certain product or at a certain store.

It is important to make sure that the code is still valid before you try to use it, however. These coupons usually have an expiration date, so once it is past this date, the code is no longer valid. Be sure to double-check the date so that you do not waste your time on an expired coupon.

Using online promotion codes is a great way to save a whole lot of money when shopping online. Keep your eyes out for more ways to cut your costs on your favorite products.

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